Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 29 of 30 days of biking - All good things must come to an end

With the end of the 30 days of biking staring me in my face, I'm fully aware of how much I'm going to miss this experience. Of course there is nothing to stop me from riding daily regardless of challenges, personal or otherwise, but the 30 days of biking brought some excellent support people into my life and provided me with a perfect introduction into daily riding. Sure, I'd been riding for a few months by the time April rolled around, but nothing prior to this had cemented my new life quite like this challenge has done.

Today for our ride we visited the local grocery store and picked up a little picnic of pre-made sandwiches, veggie chips and a few oranges. I also picked up some probiotics and natural thyroid support supplement that I had wanted to try. We then cycled on to the park where we planned to find a shady bench and enjoy our lunch. I'm glad we took plenty of water because it was pretty hot out and I had to keep stopping for sips along the way.

We cycled just barely under 6 miles today and although it had some tough spots (on small hills), it was a superior ride. Our sandwiches were surprisingly delicious, it was very relaxing and we made a little diversion through the wetlands trail on the way home.

I added a new sign to the back of my bicycle this morning, it's subtle but hopefully people get the message.

Tonight the weather still remains warm, we're going to light a fire in our new pit and have a BBQ. Tomorrow we're hoping the weather stays nice and we can ride to the bike shop so the Yuba can get it's first tuneup, it would be the longest ride we've done, so hopefully its not as windy and rainy as is predicted.  


  1. See,I told you you could do it,my friend! You did much better than I...though I picked up the last week pretty strong (will be making a post soon),I missed the middle half of the challenge (granted a good 10 days of it was due to injury issues,but a good 4 days was moping about the previous 10,LOL!). You did good,for yourself,and for Jack :) And yes,isn't it nice how the snacks/picnic/sandwiches ALWAYS taste better when you rode to get there? ;) :p

    The DC

    1. Thank you TDC! How is your back feeling anyway? Hope you are resting up ready for your new ride!

  2. Great blog, bike ideas, and power to your pedals my friends!!!!!


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