Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 25 of 30 days of biking - I didn't know my speedometer went up to 13 mph

There looked to be a sizable storm front moving in tonight. So I went for a solo ride, and to be honest I wasn't really in the mood for distance, but seeing as Jack was safe at home with Dad, I decided to take advantage of my solo ride and go for speed.

Now lets remember, when I talk about speed it means anything over 7 mph! But where my averages are usually around 5mph on hills, tonight they were around 7. My top speed was 13 mph on the flat and that's pretty good for me. The weight difference was really noticeable and I felt pretty light! I built up quite the sweat and felt like super woman when I finally pulled in the driveway. One other thing I noticed tonight was that my knee pain came back a little, then I remembered I had adjusted my saddle after Kyle rode my bike and had forgotten to adjust the tape that I use as a guide- therefore my saddle was back in its lower position- amazing what 3/4" difference can make!

I went a new route and found this cool windmill and a nice little dirt trail that follows a small creek, I think I will go back there with Kyle and Jack on our next ride and venture down the trail.

It's hard to see, but there is a tiny little bicycle at the bottom of the windmill.

I wrote a small post for Momentum Magazine this week, I'm pretty excited to have something on their website, so I thought I'd share the link with my readers here:

I know these "30 days of biking" posts can seem a little repetitive, but I have dedicated myself to writing and riding daily this month, and I intend to see it through with 100% success . With only 5 days left I find myself a little sad that April is coming to a close, but also excited that I get to start a new chapter in this amazing journey.


  1. "I didn't know my speedometer went up to 13 mph " That made me laugh out loud,LOL! While I hit 13MPH almost every ride,my average is almost always single digits (and bike most assuridly lighter than your Yuba too ;) ). That's something to be happy with,my friend,as anxious as I am to pedal my own Mundo soon,a sports car of bikes it isn't,13MPH sounds great to me! And yeah...3/4" of seat hieght difference IS huge! Im glad you caught it,hopefully before any real knee pain/issues had time to happen.

    So what are you doing for May on the bike? Any thoughts yet?

    The DC

    1. Hey TDC! Glad you enjoyed my joke lol!

      The Mundo really makes you want to enjoy a slow ride honestly, its very relaxed- hard to get stressed out on the bike lol.

      May? Well I joined the National Bike Challenge - (info at the top right of blog) but I think Im going to do a personal challenge too...just have to decide what exactly- one things for sure Im still going to cycle everyday!

    2. That's good (all counts actually ;) ),I likes to enjoy the scenery-never been one much to get into a big hurry riding (except back in the few mtn bike races several years ago)...I even used to have a WV license plate that read "OLDNSLOW" (on a '69 VW Beetle,LOL!) :)7-10MPH is a good speed methinks :)

      The DC

  2. Yay 13 mph!!! You go girl! I know just how that feels!

  3. awesome! inspired piece in momentum, too. :)


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