Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rainy Day Cheer

Today was one of those drab, cold and miserable days that chill you to the bone. The kind of day that would usually make one want to grab a bowl of hot soup and a good book and never leave the easy chair.  It is said that "Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun", well apparently Englishwomen and their Offspring prefer the rainy days, but the little one still managed a Siesta anyway! He made it look rather enjoyable too.

I didn't realize he'd nodded off until we were chased by a barking dog and no squeals of joy came from the back seat (I wasn't squealing for joy), but we survived and made it home after a relatively short and otherwise enjoyable ride. Jack remained snug and dry wrapped in a wool blanket and shielded by his rain cover.


Amazingly enough I managed to get him in the house without waking him and he is still enjoying his nap while I sit here enjoying the silence and a hot cup of tea. I didn't have a "bike in the kitchen" picture so I thought I'd share a picture of my teapot with the ominous sky behind it!

I have decided to try to collect a few bikes so I can share my adventures with friends and their kids.  I thought this would not only hopefully make some new converts for the world of cycling but also provide me with company occasionally- so really a win-win for everyone!  I'm having trouble finding cheap bikes but I did manage to score a nice little rear mount child's bike seat for $5, so that will come in handy. I think I will rename my utility room the "Utility-Bike Room" as it is home to the Mundo and the Trek, plus our bike trailer, panniers, plastic crates and now another child's seat.

I honestly did not feel like going out today, but I feel very refreshed and accomplished now that I made the effort. The 30 days of Biking is just around the corner so I'm trying to get out everyday this week to prepare myself. I told my brother that I intended to cycle everyday in April and he laughed and said "I suppose you've already blurted it out on your blog too?" I said "Yes, of course, otherwise I'd never do it!"


  1. LOL! I too must speak things to re-read/hear them later to motivate me,so stick your tongue out at your Brother and tell him you aren't the only one who does things this way,hahaha!

    Jack looks so content...I so wish I'd changed professions much earlier (before being forced out of any paid occupation-I was a long haul truck driver,often gone from home for weeks at a time),I missed those years with both of my children,though I was home (injured,but not the spinal injuries that eventually forced me out of work perminently...a seperate on-the-job injury all-together,LOL-I'm not clutzy,just take too many risks,I suppose) for 5 months,which netted me the first 3 months of Nicholas' life (my now 9 year old son),but I hate that I missed it with Jamie (Daughter,now 15).

    ANYways,didn't mean to hijack and subject change (whoops! Apologies). I'm inspired by your 30 days of Biking,and since I'm currently enjoying a "good spell" with the spinal injuries (and have been riding 9 out of the last 10 days straight),I'll try and join your everyday in April,my friend...like a Brother from another Mother on the other coast/side of the country. I may need to look at my rain gear though,being April...as my collection of wet weather gear consists of a ball cap,a 99 cent poncho in the Camelback for unexpected dousings and duct tape (not sure how duct tape fits into a rain gear stash,but duct tape is the wonder-cure-all,so I've included it,LOL!).

    BTW,sent you a PM saying hello on bikeforums.net :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

    1. T.D.C

      haha actually my brother is one of my biggest supporters, I didn't mean to make him sound like he wasn't;) He just thought it was funny.

      It is so hard with kids, they grow so quickly. I constantly remind myself that Jack will never be this young, small, well behaved and innocent again;) I can see the glimmer of the terrible "2's" on the horizon and I'm scared!

      It seems like once you have a back injury you have it for life. Glad to hear you are having a good spell- better get that rain gear lol.. me too, I have a poncho and that is it so far. I actually don't mind if I get rained on as long as Jack is warm and dry. I prefer rain to the wind- that just makes it practically impossible for me.



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