Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Lovely Day

Friday was a really beautiful day here in S.W. Washington.  The perfect day for a bike ride, but alas I still had the flat tire from Sunday's ride so I really didn't think I was going to get to enjoy it from the Yuba.  Luckily I have good friends and one of them was nice enough to haul my bike to the local bike shop and wait while we got it fixed. I decided to get slime tubes and liners for both wheels which my bike shop offers for $59 with the guarantee of free flat repair for the next year should you get a puncture.  They were also nice enough to let me pay my bill later in the month, having a one income household this was really helpful!

My local buses have bike racks but they won't fit the Yuba so having a friend with a huge truck saved the day, but this by no means fits the "self-sufficient" lifestyle I was hoping for.  Many comments have insisted that I should learn to fix a flat, which I can do already with no issue- it's that rear wheel that gets me! The mundo is so heavy and over-sized that I'm not ready to take on that challenge on my own, I prefer the security of knowing it's done right especially as it carries the most precious of cargo! I still need to pick up a pump and repair kit but even that is out of the budget for a few weeks yet so I shall visit the gas station to get tires aired every few trips.

Later in the day Kyle and I were both sprawled on a sofa whilst discussing that we really should go for a ride when I checked the weather forecast and noticed that rain was in the immediate future, so that settled the matter.

It really was superior weather so we went a rural route and then wound back through the quiet neighborhoods making our total trip just over 7 miles! I was amazed at how easy the 7 miles were and as this wasn't a destination trip we really didn't stop the entire time, except to chat with a few friends and to get a sip of water from the Go-Getters.

Jack loved the trip out though the fields where we saw all the farm animals he's learning about including sheep, cows, goats, horses and lots of geese. He also let out a few squeals of delight when we hit a bit of washboard road, which made me a very happy mum.  I just love the fact that when my legs are tired my source of inspiration is literally right there behind me, encouraging me the whole time. I wholeheartedly encourage any parent to opt for the cargo bike over the trailer as being able to chat and point out little things along the way is what makes it so much more enjoyable and so much less like exercise.

Jack's sunshade came in handy!
Kyle snapped a few pics but then, in his own words, "got too caught up in enjoying the ride".


  1. This post put a big smile on my face,thinking of riding with Nick and Jamie (my kids)-though at 9 and 15 they're a bit older (and on their own bikes) than Jack :) Nice to hear someone was kind enough to haul the Yuba to the shop for you as well,there isn't enough kindness like that in today's world. Cool pics as well :)

    The Disabled Cyclist

    1. Thank you T.D.C! I know everyone says it over and over again- but oh they grow up so fast! Not a day passes that I don't marvel at how much Jack has changed.
      Yes, I'm lucky to have some very good friends!
      Thanks again- Lindsay

  2. This is so cool Lindsay! I am glad you are back on the bike and having a great time with your family. I can't wait to ride with my wife soon, when she is fully recovered....but then again, I still need to wait for my new born to be able to safely ride with us. I hope I had a bakfiet now, and problem solved. So for now, it's riding with the bigger kids out in the trails. Have fun riding!

    1. Hey Sonny,
      Thank you, it is great to be back out on the bike, really great. Hope your wife feels better soon and that you both are enjoying your new little one! Cheers! Lindsay


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