Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Cargo Bike Documentary and more

Many of you may already have heard about the Cargo Bike Documentary that Liz Canning is creating, but for those of you who haven't please check out her wonderful site HERE, be prepared for inspiration! I have watched the trailer for her crowd sourced documentary so many times I've lost count and every single time I find myself rejuvenated; not only by the thought of bicycles as a means of transportation in general, but also by the idea of the quality of life gained by using them for the rider, their offspring and even the community.

Another project that I just had to get involved with is the 30 Days of Biking, follow the link HERE to join in a global commitment to ride every day in April! I'm super nervous about this, but hopefully longer days will bring about more opportunity to ride!

So far, my way of dealing with the hardships of my ill prepared adventure has been avoiding the days when the weather has been awful, add to that the many colds and lingering bugs that we have picked up this spring and the short days and you end up with very few trips by bike. Groceries have been restocked by me hitching rides with friends on their trips to the store and getting the odd delivery dinner here and there- but that was hardly the idea of this commitment. The idea was to improve my activity level not turn me into a hermit, as someone with social anxiety the last thing I need is another reason to be a recluse! So that being said, I'm very happy to have joined the 30 Days of Biking!  Kyle looked worried when I mentioned cycling every single day for a month, but as I explained to him; if I managed to meet the challenge by only 75% that would still be more cycling than I've done in the last 5 years- always helps to add some prospective.

This morning I have a sick husband (the flu! oh glee!) and a toddler with a slight fever.  I have a pain in the neck...well I have a few, but this one is literal. I have a hot compress on it because it will not keep me from my bike today, I fully intend on having at a minimum 2 bicycle rides this weekend.  Now the baby weather protection pod is in place I do believe my obstacle well has finally dried up and it's simply time to bicycle!


  1. Maybe your husband could get a team together at his place of employment to participate in the Group Health Commute Challenge in May. It is free and open to anybody in the state of WA. Mostly Western WA companies participate but it would be great to see some more local Walla Walla valley teams. I'm only aware of 2 Walla Walla area teams from last year.

    1. I think his company does do something every year, although maybe not locally. I know they offer employee incentives for cycling to work. Kyle say's he is going to sign up for the 30 days of bike riding too.

  2. There seems to be an issue with comments this morning- I've noticed them disappearing- hope it gets fixed!

  3. Adjusting to life sans car is hard. We first gave up our car when we lived in Spokane in fall of 2008. That winter was a particularly foul one and by spring I was ready to be done with it. I was depending a lot on family and friends to run errands and even frequently to get to and from work. Finances prevented me from buying a car at the time so I was forced to soldier through. Honestly, I think it was a close to a year without a car before I really got the hang of it, and even longer than that before I came to love it like I do now.


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