Thursday, February 2, 2012

The week has flown by...

Sleepless nights and busy days blur together when you are caring for a sick toddler and fighting off an unknown allergen.  After two serious  bouts of hives and swelling around my face this week, I have almost certainly determined that I have a pretty severe peanut allergy!  Having eaten peanuts all my life I'm so shocked by this, but also relieved to know I might finally know what has been ailing me for the past 6 months.  It started as minor reactions with patchy hives here and there and has slowly increased in severity until two nights ago I thought a trip to ER was in order until finally the antihistamine kicked in not a moment too soon.  There is nothing quite as scary as feeling your throat swell up, I knew that staying calm would be my best bet and luckily it started to get better right before panic was about to set in.
Poor Jack has been running a fever on and off, drooling like a Saint Bernard and has been permanently attached to my hip while constantly whining, a side to him I've never really seen before as until now he has always been cheerful even when sick.  I'm sure that this is a testament to just how bed he's feeling. Overall it has been one of those weeks where you question your parental skills and wonder if you have anything else to give when you desperately need a little care yourself and also feel so inadequate when nothing you do seems to make your child feel better.
I have spent the morning working on a balaclava for Jack and trying to figure out layering options that will keep him warm without restricting him too much. His bike helmet isn't really big enough to fit a thick hat under so I managed to get a thinner adult size beanie and cut an eye slot in it.  It probably won't last long without hemming but I'm not in the mood for sewing.  The sun is out right now and I really want to go for a ride but a few appointments here at home keep me indoors for the time being, providing the day goes as planned and Jack continues to show improvement I'm pretty sure I will be able to do my first grocery buying shopping trip tomorrow on the bike. It's about time I put the Go-Getter into action!


  1. Careful, last month I pushed myself too hard when I thought I had recovered from a cold and it was a horrible ride. It's hard not to get out and try new routes and bigger loads when this is all new and you're excited, but sick kid always means run-down mama for me. Wouldn't want you to over-do it and wind up bummed and sick yourself.

    1. Kyouell- you are right, I ended up leaving Jack at home, husband was home sick too so he was able to watch him when I went out today. It was so cold, yesterday we had mid 60's and today it was foggy and mid-high 30's! I didn't cycle far but I haven't slept properly in 2 weeks now with Jack getting up at 4am:( Today was just far enough for me to at least say I got out, without actually over doing it.

  2. Thoughts and prayers for Jack to feel better soon,as for you as well,my friend. Good advice from kyoell-for me as well. Hope the two of you get to feeling better really quick :)

    The Disabled Cyclist


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