Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 days and counting

A slight hiccup has arisen- the seat I ordered for Jack and the double kickstand are on back order!  So while I will still get my bike in 9 days (yes, I'm counting!),  I won't be able to take Jack out which will certainly hinder my ability to get out as often as I'd hoped.  I'm thoroughly disappointed by this setback and have been trying to figure out a way around it, but other than strapping the boy in an old wooden milk crate I'm not sure what I can do, other than wait.

The weather outside is still very brisk and frosty but the clear blue sky and sunshine are calling me, I keep imagining that torrential rain storms that will ensue on the 20th when I get my bike and have dug out an old plastic poncho just in case Murphy's Law prevails.

  On a more positive note I read recently that Yuba donated 6 Mundo's to a coffee growing collective in Tanzania.  I really like it when I can support businesses that make a difference with my dollar and as my Dad was raised in Tanzania I found it especially interesting to read about the difference those bikes will make. It also makes my complaints about having to wait for the Peanut seat and kickstand seem very trivial in comparison. If you want to read more about the coffee bikes click HERE.

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