Thursday, January 19, 2012

1 day left...maybe

Looking outside through our living room window I can no longer see the sun that greeted me everyday during the first few weeks of the month, instead I'm faced with a blanket of white snow encased in a solid layer of ice, growing increasingly thicker as the snow/rain mix falls at 20 degrees.  Tomorrow is the day I finally can go get my bike, I had originally planned for my husband to drive me there and I was going to ride home.  If I took main roads and the most direct way home that is a 5 mile trip, but in this foul weather it sounds like a nightmarish first ride and something to be avoided. Of course we could have tried to venture out in the vehicle and pick it up, but it won't fit in the back and we don't really have an appropriate roof rack, but maybe we can finagle something together.  Either way, I refuse to let this snow and ice hold me back and that bike WILL be coming home with me sooner than later.

Oh yes, an update on the baby seat:  The lovely people at Yuba tried to hunt down a Peanut Seat for me but the universe had other plans and my sweet boy will be bike seat less until the end of February. Never one to let the universe get the better of me, I was luckily able to track down an inexpensive used trailer through a local bike group that I recently joined. Now I just have to come up with a way of attaching it to my bike, a problem that only dawned on me last night.  I've been pondering different approaches to this but I feel like I'm trying to put a puzzle together before I've seen the picture, so I think at this point until I get the trailer and the bike in front of me it's just too hard to figure out.

Next week I will be getting a parcel containing something far easier to install- my Go-Getter pannier bags and a pair of Running Boards I ordered from Yuba! I love getting packages in the mail and this will be far more exciting than Jack's monthly diaper delivery from Amazon...unless you count the months when I'm down to one diaper when I see the Fed-Ex guy pull up, that's pretty thrilling too!


  1. Have you seen this post on Ding Ding Let's Ride with their Yuba Mundo on their car rack at the bottom? They use a neat stabilizer bar I've been meaning to get. I just have a cheapie used rear car rack and I think my Big Dummy would fit fine on it with the bar.

    Also, my almost-2.5-year old rode in his 4.75-year-old brother's spot on the FlightDeck holding the stoker bars (actually just regular handlebars attached to my seat post). I don't think I'll have him ride this way too much, but should work OK for a test ride or two.

    And: yippee! One more day!

    1. Hello!

      I hadn't seen that post, glad to see these big beasts fit on one of those type racks, especially as they seem to be the least expensive. I was literally just having that conversation with my brother about his bike (A kona Ute) he wasn't sure it would fit.

      I just saw the pic of your little one on the deck, he is so cute, love his little smile, he looks so proud of himself. Jack will be 2 at the end of April but I don't think he would last 10 minutes without rolling off lol. He does almost ride the dog, so maybe in a few months.

      1 more day! Not sure I'll sleep tonight:)


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